These halls were made for walkin.

When I was picking out the paint colors for our house, I went with a greeny-yellow color for the end of the hallway, knowing full well that I meant to get tired of it and change it up. It's a small wall and you don't see it unless you're coming clear in to the house, so it's ideal for a fun surprise of color or pattern.
When I saw this photo on pinterest from Kat, I knew that green wall was on it's way out.
 This was really a very straightforward change. The hardest part was the measuring, and even that wasn't too bad. I knew from the inspiration photo that I wanted to have black on the top and bottom, and from there it was just deciding how many stripes I wanted to have and then dividing it by the length of wall I had. I was especially pleased that I was able to get the whole white plate that sticks out like a sore thumb in the solid green wall hidden in the white stripe now. I used the sample pots of paint from Home Depot (which I was sad to hear only come in flat now... When we painted the house they had one brand that still came in eggshell.) I used just shy of 2 pots per color, so the whole project came in at $12... Which just means I won't feel too bad the next time I feel like painting over it!
 Have you done any crazy painting at your place lately?

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Robyn said...

i absolutely love the striped wall.

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