This dollhouse is one my favorite projects that I've done in quite a while. 
My grandpa build this dollhouse for my older cousin when she was a child, and she and her daughter both played with it when they were little. Now that it's been outgrown at their house, they passed it along to me! (eeeeeee!)

 When it came to me, it was mostly unpainted and needed some small repairs to the railing. Luckily my grandpa had some more dowel for the railing because he's awesome like that. I was busy painting and mod podging my little heart out in secret for about a month before Christmas so that it would be ready for the big day.
 I had a really hard time choosing papers for the wallpaper. So many fun choices! In the end I wanted to choose something that played well together and didn't take too much attention, since the upper floor is a bit busy with the rooflines, railings and open walls.
 The shingles were all stained one by one by one (huge thank you to Kristopher for that one!) and then glued on... one by one by one. We plowed through 3 jumbo bags of them from Hobby Lobby and had about 5 left over by the end of it. I'd love to put one more half layer along the top edges of each side, but we will just have to see if I ever do.
Abby's pretty thrilled about it!

Did you do any crafting for the holiday? Do tell!

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Anne said...

Oh I love love love this house, the shape, color, everything! What a fun and special project. So fun to see you blogging again, hope you and your cute family are doing great!

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