Potty Training

Abby's been working on potty training for the past few days... it's been good for the most part. She's still on the young end so we're not expecting the sun, moon, and stars. I've been letting her go hog wild on the treats in an attempt to get her to drink more as well, which she of course is loving. Is there anything better than all the treats your little heart desires? 

 She's been spending most of her days (unless we leave the house) half naked. Just keeping it real, people. While she spent a solid 45 minutes hanging out in the bathroom earlier this morning, I found out that Abby is familiar with Barney... great. Because Elmo, all of Disney Junior, and basically every Pixar character just weren't enough.
Any lovely advice to help get us through?


meg. said...

day one: success.

i have doubts for day two.

BriAnna Jenkins said...

This is like, day 5. Slowly and surely like the little engine that could.

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