Master Bedroom Update.

When we were first married, Kristopher build us this bed. It happened that some of the measurements were off and the bed ended up about 6 inches too wide on either side of the mattress. Good for kids climbing in to bed with you, but not so good that I wasn't ready for a change to a properly fitted bed. :) We talked about upgrading to a king size, but given the added expense we decided that we would rather stick with a queen and get a new mattress set as well. I don't know for sure, but if I had to guess I'd say that our old mattress set had to have been at least 20 years old, maybe more. 
 So, as an anniversary and Christmas present to ourselves, we went and snatched up this bed on sale that I'd had my eyes on for quite a while and then went to test out new mattresses. It all happened so quickly and before I knew it I was tossing and turning on our new mattress that very night. It took me a few days to get used to the new mattress but ever since the honeymoon stage has ended I sleep like a baby.
 The space above the bed is a bit... spacious. Especially since my eyes are still a bit used to the older and larger bed frame. I haven't settled on what to do about the bed quite yet, but for not I'm content to leave it blank until I fall in love with something. I'm not really one for wasting money on placeholders, so empty it will be. This explains the lack of nightstands and lamps in our room, as well as so many other things in other rooms too! For me it's such a fun process falling in love with something and bringing it home that it doesn't make sense to use my tiny decorating budget on things that don't make me feel that way.
For now I'm content loving this new addition (and now noticing that I've marked my lovely bed's bun feet with my vacuum... I guess I better go clean that off!).

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