faux faux faux.

You guys. I'm totally in love with this faux taxidermy business. Now that I've got my crazy cool black and white wall, I need something crazy cool to put on it. These particular taxis {let's call them that, shall we?} come from a company called White Faux Taxidermy based out of Orem, Utah. There's so many that I love! Originally I was picturing something gold, like this:
which I still think would be fabulous, so perhaps I could find another place for a little taxi action. We haven't put much on the walls anywhere in the house so I'm pretty sure I could find a place.

What do you think? Am I crazy? For the record I would never ever put up real taxidermy... It's something about the eyes that just weirds me out. But these pretend eyes, they work for me.

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