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 Let's just skip all of the "I promised this like 3/4 of a year ago and am just now getting around to it" and dig right in, shall we? A lot of things have been changing since I posted pictures of the house last, so I'll walk you through them. Kristopher laid true-blue hardwood floors in a lot of our upper floor and after living with them for about 6 months I still LOVE them. They really aren't as much maintenance as I thought they might be (especially with the dark color) and I'm really happy with it particularly in the hallways. I only sweep them about once a week and they stay pretty clean all the time.
 In the piano room, where there once was emptiness, there is now a piano.
 Err, make that 3. I know it's a problem. How the heck to do you style a room with three pianos and nothing else? So here we are. Now you're thinking, "why doesn't she get rid of a few of those?"... maybe down the road. For now, we've got the best sounding regular piano on the right (piano lessons), the cutest piano in the middle (totally unnecessary), and the digital piano on the left (piano lessons). Now is not the time to tell you that I have a 4th piano at my mom's house, also for lessons.
 I'm (obviously) still working on the styling here. I need to have our most recent family photos printed for the frames, need to decide if I'm going to carry on painting the trellis on canvas number 2 or go with something different (yellow to white ombre? wrap with fabric?). I've got my pens and pencils in the little owl, and nothing currently in the silver jars. Maybe white candles sometime in the future.
 Curtains to be hung. As soon as I decide what they will look like! This room got new paint and new trim (like the rest of the upstairs).
 Turning left down the hallway to the bedrooms, we have a wall! This is a really small wall, so I decided to go bold. I'm not totally settled on the picture frame, so I'm thinking of taking it down and layering a stencil on the color. Maybe a good herringbone or perhaps a floral-based something. We shall see!
 After I got the accent wall up, I was digging it so I put it in Evan's room as well. I'm not usually one for an accent wall, but I figured two over the course of the house wasn't bad. I'll probably put a large scale stencil on this wall at some point, and change out the color of the hallway wall eventually. This wall depends on what direction Evan's big kid bedding goes when we cross that bridge.
 The other side of Evan's room, featuring doorless closets. Someday they'll get doorknobs, someday.
 Abby's room got a greyed blue and new curtains! The bedspread has been changed out since then, but she's lacking a bed skirt, pillows... basically everything besides the duvet! More to come in this room, like all the others.
 The fabric for the curtains came from Home Fabrics, and was $3 a yard. $15 for a pair of curtains is right about my style.
 The master is looking drab-ish, but at least it's not beige anymore. I also put up some curtains here, but I still need to hang up the knobs on the ends of all of my homemade curtain rods. I'm rethinking the red pillows, and will likely move those elsewhere and try again. We need to get some new pillows all together. Sad shape. Sad shape.
 I fell in love with this fabric and had to have it. Too bad it wasn't $3 a yard!

 I'm ready for an upholstered bed and a bed skirt. And nightstands. So ready.
 During the renovations, we removed the awkward door in the middle of our bathroom with a new doorless frame. SO much better than before. This bathroom is weird and the vanity is still a weird color, but it's getting better.
 Such a bad color.
 The main bath got greyed, but a more brown grey than the rest of the house. I should have saved myself the trouble because you can't really even tell the difference because of the lighting. At least I know it in my heart!
 This photo is actually outdated now, but I'll post a new one maybe soon. For now let's focus on how great the floors are, and not how badly I want to redo my cabinets, get a bigger dining room table and give the couch the axe. I'm super happy to not be sporting bifolds anymore since I haven't had a child crying over pinched fingers in months! Totally worth the extra floor space it takes to open them.
I pulled down all my brassy light fixtures and spray painted them oil rubbed bronze. By the time I got to the chandelier in the dining room I ran out of pain but sort of liked how it opened up the room having it gone. I'd like to get a killer fixture for that are (and the rest of the upstairs for that matter) but for now we're good.
 We put up crown molding in the living room and kitchen, and I'm so glad we did!
 Do you love my new doors? I love them.

 New newel post, complete with banana peel!
 Here's an ottoman that I've overhauled! Tutorial coming soon.
 Home goods is good for this sort of thing.
 Look! A messy child!
 Looking back on the kitchen, with more banana peels! It's always a party at our house. Eventually we'd like to put new doors and drawer fronts on the cabinets, and rebuild uppers that go all the way to the ceiling. Another project for another year.
 Here's the hallway in the basement, from the foot of the stairs.
 I'll give you the tour down here, since the last time I posted about it it looked like sticks.
 Door on the left is the utility room, and door on the right is the half bath.
 Turning a 180 is the livingroom. Abby couldn't be parted from her show for the shot, so here we are. It's been long enough since I painted the dresser that I'm thinking of going yellow with it. I should probably get something on the walls before I decide to do any painting!
 Stepping back a little you'll see my desk as well. It's nice to be able to get some work done while the kids play. All the toys are through the door behind the dresser on the right. 
 You can find Abby parked here all day.
 Here's the half bath with the unfinished mirror...
 Can we talk about how much I love this decision?
 Down the hall is the 3/4 bath. The shelves need styling, and the vanity needs X's over the mirrored doors, but we don't use it often so it's not a priority.
 I do wish I could move this counter straight to the master bath though... who doesn't love Carrera marble?
 Here's the inside of the walk in shower,
 And Evan, for sizing purposes.
 Here's the guest bedroom/possible future office for Kristopher. We're on the hunt for a nice looking desk.
The only thing left is my sewing room, and that's to come!


Mika McDaniel said...

Looks amazing! Love all your color choices!

Robyn said...

can i just tell you how much i love your house? the floors look AMAZING. i love all of the new doors too. but my favorite it the half bath. I LOVE IT. seriously. the floor and the blue wall? mmmhmm.

julie said...

So, so, so pretty. I'm glad you like the dark floors, too! They look amazing. You are inspiring me to jump in and just decorate my house. I'm tired of the beige walls!

naomi said...

Man alive, well done!!

lex said...

ohh my gosh! cutest house ever!

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