Time in.

That was a long unexpected pause.

A few things have gone down in the recent past turning my life right upside down, but things seem to be settling out and getting down to our new "normal" (which isn't at all normal).

The lovely place where we once rented from my grandparents is now on the market, which finds us living in a medium sized bedroom with 1 queen sized bed, 2 cribs, and a dining room table (my computer has to go somewhere!). I've done my fair share of crying about it (I wanted to say boobing, but that didn't seem right?) so now it's about time for me to dig myself out of all of this and be me again.

Last night I made a spur of the moment decision to take myself to the mall and it was great. I came home with a new outfit and feeling much better.

Now I just need to get over one small annoyance... internet access on one computer and photoshop on the other. Annoying. I'll live.

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