Easter dress.

Every year, I have made Abby an Easter dress. This is my third one (!) so I guess now it's a tradition. She's not always compliant with trying them on, but she's been ok about this one. I based it off of a CrewCuts dress that J. Crew does for their kiddos from 2009, but they wanted $198 for it back then and not only is it not available, but Hey! I can make that! So I did. For less than $5. Take that J. Crew! Ta-Da!
I sewed the flowers on just with my sewing machine. I know there's fabric that's similar that you can buy out there, but not for what I paid for it! It got easier as I went on for sure. I bought Hobby Lobby's ultra cheapest broadcloth... $1.60 a yard after my coupon.

She didn't last long in our mini shoot, but she at least gave me this shot of the back as well. Ignore the garbage can. Just keeping it real.


Rscott said...

Love the dress! :)

Jess said...

love this dress! J Crew has some cute kids clothes-for millionares! I'll just knock them off, thank you!

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