Today is not a holiday from our regular happenings.

Lately life consists of some watercolors, a lot of movies, bottlefrogs (a bottle with a side of frog blanket, about 17 times each day) and some rolling around on the floor.
Oh yeah, and waiting.

Waiting and waiting and then running around like a crazed chicken with paperwork for the mortgage and then some more waiting.

Currently we are waiting for one last approval from the seller (the bank since it's a foreclosure) and then it's off to underwriting and then closing on the house.

I suspect that day to day life will look pretty different after that. For me anyway. The 24/7 milk bar will probably be open until the basement at the new house is finished. You've been warned Abby, you've been warned. 

1 comment:

Sarah Jenkins said...

Look at those teeth! Evan looks like a real person now!

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