Well, that's an interesting twist.

A few months ago we tried our hand at potty training. It went so-so, so we took a break.

This week, Abby's had a thing for naked. It's pretty funny. She strips down whenever she feels the need. I let her, because she does a really good job of staying dry. Problem is, when she's ready to do her business she calls for me to get her a diaper and doesn't let the issue go until her rear is covered. You guessed it- then she does her business.

My not even 2.5 year old has diaper trained herself.

She doesn't like the potty, won't sit on it, drinks plenty and holds it until she feels comfortable enough to go (when her diaper is back on). She also has a firm grasp on the concepts of wet and dry. When her favorite blankets (2- "frogs" and "ee-ee's"-monkeys) are wet from leaks in the night she knows they are wet and doesn't want anything to do with them. Also, when she wakes up without leaks she always tells me each thing in her bed that is dry so that I know she wants to take her blankets to the living room with her.

So, veteran moms, what do I do about this little problem?


Naomi said...

Ok that is really funny! I would try to put her on the toilet with her diaper on to go potty. Then after awhile try setting the diaper in the potty and do that awhile. Then maybe she will start to understand where it is all supposed to go. That is really awesome that she knows all those things, Tegan could care less at that age. We have been potty training for over 5 months now...I am going a little crazy over here. Good luck! I would love to hear what works!

Kristen said...

we had to used rewards with Parker. He would get stickers or a treat- we let him pick out what he liked. We started with a treat or sticker each time he went potty. Then we had to move to a treat if he was dry each time he went potty, then we moved to a treat if he stayed dry all day. We had to have some motivation for him to go. We had to try LOTS of things.

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