Kelsee + co.

Thanks to my sister-in-law Sarah, I had assistance while taking these pics for my other sister-in-law Kelsee and I also know the correct way to write sister-in-law. May I never forget!

I'm still editing, but found these goodies as I went and wanted to post them.

PS- Does anyone know how I can get a nice clear picture here? It's clearer when you click to enlarge, but grainy before you click. Dear deep, vast internet... surely you have an answer for me. Anyone? Bueller? 


kristin said...

It's cause blogger has to "crunch" the file to post it, so you'll need to resize it before posting. This is the one I use:


(the Crystal Clear Web Resize & Sharpening one, there's two in the action)

and then I save it at a medium quality when I'm done.

BriAnna Jenkins said...

Thank you thank you.
Downloading now =]

Sarah Jenkins said...

They are really cute! And thanks for the credit even though Zach was the one carting Evan around after my arms got tired (3 minutes in...)

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